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If you’d like to purchase any of the items shown on this site please use one of the following methods:

(a) Make your purchase by PayPal:

Using the shopping cart below, calculate the total shipping cost as follows:

UK: up to 4 CDs £2;   up to 3 books £3
Europe: per CD £4;   per book £6
Rest of the world: per CD £6;   per book £9

Note that the total shipping cost depends on your geographical location, how many items you are purchasing, and of what kind or combination. For example, books cost more to ship than CDs.

NB: PLEASE SELECT THE APPROPRIATE TOTAL SHIPPING COST from the ‘Shipping Option’ drop-down menu and CONFIRM THIS BY CLICKING THE ‘UPDATE’ BUTTON before finalising your purchase.

If the total shipping cost of your order exceeds £15 please contact us directly as in method (b) below.

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(b) Contact Dave directly at the above address, or by phone or email:

Please calculate the total cost from the prices quoted on the site but contact us to ascertain the full price, as shipping costs will vary. Please tell us where you are, UK or abroad, so we can accurately advise costs. Cheques should be made payable to J D Goulder and sent to the above address.

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