How To Build and Repair Dry Stone Walls


A 60 - minute DVD explaining the basic principles of dry stone walling. Filmed in Scotland and the Cotswolds. DVD - £8 

Companion Book - £2 with DVD 

(£2.50 separately) 

Dave Goulder is a Master Craftsman certificate holder with the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain, and a professional dry stone builder since 1975. He is a qualified instructor and D.S.W.A examiner for certification.

Resident in the north of Scotland for more than forty years, he has been the Highlands/Islands roving instructor since 1980. He has also worked extensively in the USA and Canada both as a contractor and teacher in the craft of dry stone work, and represented Sutherland in the Millennium Wall project at the National Stone Centre in Derbyshire, England.

This 60 minute DVD opens with scenes around the country showing the immense variation of building styles describing the walls and those who built them. There is a brief account of the history of the craft, a look at the basic tools and essential safety information.

This is a “hands on” video showing the techniques for building a doubled wall, a boulder dyke (single wall) plus a trip south to the Cotswolds to see Richard Ingles rebuilding a typical wall in his area.

One section is devoted to helping those who commission or inspect work. Here Dave shows common faults on a selection of walls.

Dry Stone Walling Association

The Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain was founded in 1968. DSWA is a membership organization and registered charity dedicated to all aspects of the craft. New members are always welcome whether simply interested in the craft or as working wallers or dykers. The Association publishes a wide range of leaflets and books an the craft, and stocks walling and dyking hammers – all of which are available by mail order. For an information pack, including mail order details, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

WEBSITE: www.dswa.org.uk

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