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A Torridon Portfolio: Rebel Hostel in the Glen 1967-1973 (108 pages, illustrated)

Were you climbing or walking in the Torridon mountains in the late 1960s or early 70s? Did you stay at Glen Cottage Hostel? If so, this book is for you. Even if you’ve never heard of the place, this book is still for you.  Compiled by Dave Goulder from recollections by regular users, the tales are both comic and tragic.

Glen Cottage was a very unusual place. The first independent hostel dedicated to the outdoor enthusiast, it quickly established a place in history. No membership ties, no rules or curfews; bring your own drink if you want to but bring your common sense too.

The hill walkers and climbers came first, then because of Dave and Liz's place in the folk music revival, musicians drifted in, followed by their friends and fans. Glen Cottage ceilidhs featured everything.

Aly Bain brought his fiddle, Tom Patey brought his accordion and Chris Bonington; Chris brought Hamish Maclnnes, and Hamish Brown mustered his lads to climb Torridon's spectacular mountains.

Guitar royalty Davey Graham, composer William Sweeny and even the Magic Roundabout man Eric Thompson trod the floorboards.

Then there was the research chemist who carried deer offal down his welly boots, and the tramp-like character who adored Mozart and sang selections in his own mouth music.

Young folk with little money learned from some of life's best teachers. As one of them said 50 years later, "Glen Cottage needs a record. So many of us grew there."


The January Man Songbook gives all lyrics and music for the songs on The January Man (the 1986 solo CD).  See some sample pages here.

Cover illustration by Polly Goulder, music manuscripts by Andrew Wyllie, design by Ian Stephen.   ISBN 0 946210 03 9


FULLY ILLUSTRATED!! Dave Goulder's Railway Songbook includes lyrics and music for 27 original songs from the days of steam, including 'The Day We Ran Away', 'Footplate Cuisine', 'Requiem', 'I'd Like to be a Lengthman', 'Green All the Way', 'Pinwherry Dip', and many more. Beautifully illustrated with B&W and colour photos, drawings, etc. See some sample pages here.

Illustrations by John Fielder & Peter Fox; music notation by Donald McNeill; photographs by Cyril Tawney, Irene Marshall, Bill Mitchell, John Macdonald, Bob Swallow, Frank Ashley, Irvine Hunt, Harold Radage, Dave Goulder, Dave Amos, D. Norton, E.T.W Dennis. Book design & layout by Marlyn Price Design.



This collection of verses is intended to be nothing more than a small selection of Dave's own observations on the habits (and vagaries) of individual species. Bird poems and prose published here for the first time. Stone Odes contains the lyrics of Dave's dry stone walling songs and poetry. See some sample pages here.

Illustrations by Eilidh Price, Hons Graduate from The Glasgow School of Art, she is now based in the Northern Highlands working as a freelance designer and editor.



The launch of 'Dave Goulder, Master Craftsman - The Strathspey Project' took place at a ceilidh in Rogart Village Hall, Sutherland, on Friday 28th August 2009. For details see the Dry Stone Walls page. Copies of the project are available direct from us. 


‘January Man’ table mats (26x20cm)

Original art work by Lillie Morris, artist in Georgia USA. Bring a distinctive style to your table – certainly a talking point over dinner!


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